Your Camp’s Annual Participation & Operations Survey

Completing the survey should not take you too long, especially if your Camp used the excel format we have used for the last number of years, to organize collecting your camper data.

This data is so vitally important in providing your Association a crucial tool to show Government Departments and other key stakeholders and funders the importance of our Sector to Nova Scotia and PEI youth and families.

AND this data also now provides each Member Camp a really valuable tool to benchmark and compare your individual camp’s participation data and trends to the overall CANSPEI total numbers and trends.

So, for your 2017 Filing, here is what your Camp needs to do:

  1. Please click here to download the Excel spreadsheet

    to fill in your Camp’s Participation & Operations Survey data.

  2. Then save the spreadsheet using your Camp’s name as the new file name.
  3. Then completed and email us your Camp’s Excel file as an attachment to
  4. Please use this spreadsheet and do NOT fax or mail us your data.  This way we can directly import your Camp’s data into a master data file for all Camps. If you cannot email us the Excel file, please email or call Derek and he will work out an alternative.

Please rest assured that individual camp’s data will NOT BE DISCLOSED and will be kept confidential.  As shown in Derek’s slide presentation we will only publish totals for all camps.

A couple of KEY points of explanation on the data and definitions to make this easier for all:

  1. Please use the “under 15 years” definition for youth campers, and the “15-18 years” for CIT/LIT campers definition as guidelines. If you have 15+ year olds in your youth camping program then simply include them there.  And if you have 14 year olds in your CIT/LIT program, likewise include them there as well.  We are NOT asking you to do extra work to separate out and re-apportion those campers.
  2. Tracking female : male participation is critical for CANSPEI in order for us to report this data to the Department of Health & Wellness, our key funder.
  3. If you do not have a CIT/LIT or Adult camping program, then just leave those cells blank.
  4. If your camp has only campers from either PEI or NS, then simply leave the other province blank.  However we need to know your Camp’s total camper number in case you have campers coming from other provinces.  This will help in better calculations for the key spending ratios as explained below.
  5. For the Camper Days – simply add your total female and male camper numbers, for each of the age breaks, then multiple that number by the number of days in your camping sessions.  Example for Youth Camper Days: if your Camp runs a 6 day camp session and your Camp had 200 youth campers over the course of the summer, your Camp’s Youth Camper Days would be 6 X 200= 1,200 Camper Days.

  6. In addition to your paid staff and volunteers working in the summer, please also tell us how may Paid Staff work year round.
  7. We also want to know your Salaries and Wages cost that is associated with the paid staff that work year round, as this will allow better calculations of the key spending ratios, as explained below.
  8. For Food spending, to keep it simple you can include your sundry purchases in your total Food Spending.  Many camps simply charge all their Gordon’s or Sysco purchases to one general ledger and those purchases often include all your sundry items such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.
  9. As indicated in the last 2 columns, please separate your Camp’s Capital Spending (if any) from your Total Annual Spending for All Costs.

As you can see we are asking for spending data in this year’s survey.  This will allow us to calculate a range of key ratios for the total of all Camps combined.  Then your can BENCHMARK your Camp’s spending and staffing levels against the combined average total for all CANSPEI members.

Pretty powerful performance management data for camp Boards and Camp Directors!

If you have any questions, just email or call Derek – he has all the answers for you!