Why Become Accredited

In May 2000, the Camping Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island (CANSPEI) launched its Accreditation Program, the first such program for residential camps in Atlantic Canada.

All the other Provincial Camping Associations (PAC)  across Canada, like CANSPEI,  have and administer the residentail camping accreditation programs in their respective provinces.  The Canadian Camping Association recongizes these PCAs as the ONLY Accredidation Authority in their respective provinces.

The CANS Accreditation Program was developed and refined over a twelve year period, which has involved extensive research and consultaton with the other PCAs into best practices and procedures in our residential camping sector.

The goal of the Accreditation Program is to promote the highest level of standards for the safety and well-being of children, youth and families involved in residential camping.

By becoming an Accredited Camp parents and guardians across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will now know and have the reasurance that your camp meets these standards

And your camp will receive the benefit of our Association’s Advertising and PR promoting the fact that parents and guardians, when chosing a summer camp, should send their children and teens to an Accredited Camp.

And your camp will be providing a better camp program and better camper experience.

If your camp that would like to receive an introductory visit, explore the accreditation process further, or are in need of information for your re-accreditation (every third year), please email info@canspei.ca

Accreditation Application From (PDF)

Camps receiving accreditation will receive a certificate. Accredited Camps may then publicize that they have been accredited by CANS.