New Program Grants

Purpose: To help smaller and medium size residential Camps introduce new programs and/or upgrade and make significant improvements to existing programs, which will enhance their Camp’s overall programming for their campers. The New Program Grant is not intended to support replacement of existing equipment or program materials for existing programs that would usually be paid for from the Camp’s existing/normal operating budget.

The New Program must also be sustainable and not a one-time program. The aim is to have the Camping Association SHARE in the cost of new programming ideas, NOT fund them in total.

Examples of new program or proposal ideas:

  • Begin a canoe program (and hence your Camp will need to purchase canoes, PFDs, and other safety equipment),
  • Begin an archery program
  • Begin a biking program
  • Build a new basketball, volleyball or gaga ball court
  • Create an environmental and nature appreciation program
  • Establish a new LIT or CIT program
  • Establish a low ropes & challenge course
  • Create a new spiritual awareness or education program
  • Or dozens of other possibilities!

For a PDF copy of the New Program Development Assistance Grant Form just click here.

The Application Form has all the information you need to know to make your Application. The deadline for Applications is March 31ST.

The PDF says the deadline is March 15, but no worries March 31ST is good!