Wilderness Remote First Aid (WRFA) Course – May 12-14, 2017

The Wilderness Remote First Aid (WRFA) Red Cross Certification Course is again being offered this spring, from May 12-14 at Big Cove YMCA Camp Click here for a map.

If your Camp is planning to offer Out-Trips next summer, that are more than 30 minutes by motor boat or vehicle from your main camp site/base or Emergency Medical Services, one of your Camp staff needs to be WRFA Certified (or similar certification), to be in compliance with our New Accreditation Standards. As a Camping Association Member, your Camp staff can attend this course at a significantly reduced price of $295 (including HST) which includes the food and accommodation cost for the two nights. What a great deal for CANSPEI members!

Please email Derek by APRIL 21ST at derekmitchell@venturepartner.ca with the names of your Camp’s staff that are attending the Course.