Revision to Accreditation Boating Standard R.5.84

The Board of Directors has approved a revision to the Accrediation Boating Standard R.5.84. The standard has been changed to a standard based on boats as opposed to the previous one of a standard based on campers.  The revised Boating Standard R.5.84 now reads:
“A Camp Canoe Kayak Instructor supervising ratio of 1 Instructor : no more than 8 boats of campers is followed.  A lower ratio should be used if weather conditions or the experience level or the ability of campers dictates increased supervisory needs.”
Revising this standard to one based on boats then makes this revised supervisory standard a more logical and complementary fit with the following standard R.5.85, which speaks to the staff to camper ratios in a canoe kayak program.  The current standard continues to remain in force.  That standard is a 1:6 ratio of staff to campers, where the program is being conducted within 30 minutes of the Camp’s immediate waterfront; or a 1:4 ratio in the case of the canoe kayak program being conducted as an Out Trip.
Wishing you all Great Summer and Super Great Canoeing & Kayaking!